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I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing articles on this blog as well as just post blog entries. I thought I may as well share my experiences in as many ways as I can to help people… and when I’m passionate about something I can usually write a lot, so it seems a natural next step.

The articles will probably be along the “Is adventure travel right for me?” and “Should I worry about the human rights record of a country while travelling?” lines but could be anything. They could be a combination of things I write within blog categories for a trip or could be standalone pages but either way I’ll link them here.


Is adventure travel right for me? (aka “This is adventure travel”).

This article looks at whether adventure travel is right for you. It draws on my experiences of things that can go wrong on trips, how some people moan about the smallest of things, and how if you’re able to accept that adventure travel can have mishaps then it can be the most rewarding style of travel you’ll ever experience.

The article was written as a blog post centering on the problems I encountered in advance of my trip to Myanmar while drawing on events that have happened to me in the past while travelling to explain why I love adventure travel.
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