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Hi I’m Scott and I’m originally from Kent in the south-east of England but now live in London. Welcome to my travel blog, I hope you like it. If you want to then feel free to post a comment on the blog, a specific post or specific image.

If you view the blog from the main page or view the “announcements” or “quick updates” categories directly using the links in the menu then posts are displayed with the most recent at the top. However if you view the “Full Updates” category or any sub-categories within that category directly using the links in the menu then posts are displayed the opposite way around, with older updates first as this makes it easier to view if you are reading about a specific trip I have taken.

I hope you enjoy my blog and the posts are of use to you. I read so many travel blogs over the years and they helped me get an idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do a few times and I hope my blog is able to help people get the most of their travelling experiences.

Follow me on Instagram

Follow me on Instagram

Follow me on Instagram! I don’t always post from the road, both for security reasons and also due to many of the places I visit being “off the grid”, but schedule permitting I try to upload one travel photo every week throughout the year. I do, however, try to post photos of my travel mascot, Charlie, either while travelling or as soon as I return from a trip.


Why is the blog at “gethappytour.com”?

I’ve been asked why the blog address is gethappytour.com so thought I’d post the answer here. The Get Happy Tour was a tour featuring a couple of the bands that I work for through one of my companies, Bowling For Soup and Army of Freshmen, among others and it toured all over the USA and Europe for a few years. The address gethappytour.com was the official domain name for the tour.

However when the tour stopped running nobody remembered to renew the domain name meaning it expired and was free for anybody to buy. I’ve seen so many examples of robots snatching up expired domain names for high-profile sites over the years I didn’t want to see this domain name be hijacked in such a way as the tour was one of the most awesome events of the late 2000s.

I didn’t do anything with the domain name for a while so decided to point it to my travel blog firstly so the domain name didn’t go to waste and also as it’s a lot easier to remember than the old address. I also thought that “Get Happy Tour” was a good way to refer to my travelling experiences. When I travel I love experiencing new things, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and opening myself up to new ideas – it also makes me relaxed and happy despite all the long travel days in the trips I seem to take part in.


My travelling style

Whenever I travel I like to get away from the feeling of being a “tourist” travelling to all the usual destinations. I’ve been to some pretty touristy destinations (New York, Singapore, Australia, and many parts of Europe) but I feel the most worthwhile type of travelling is when you get off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the culture of a destination.

That’s why I love visiting unusual or undiscovered destinations such as Rwanda, Nicaragua, Namibia, North Korea etc – the sort of places you can go without being bothered by large groups of English-speaking people that take over the area and turn it into a big characterless ex-pat community. There’s nothing wrong with people who like visiting Benidorm, Paris, Florida etc – I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt but I feel I get much more out of adventure travel.

Adventure travel is such a broad definition and ranges from visiting undiscovered destinations on group tours, overland trips through inhospitable places, backpacking through non-English speaking parts of the world and just generally getting out of your comfort zone to immerse yourself in a destination. Multi-stop visits to The USA, Australia etc with guided tours do let you see a destination, and I do like to skip out of the UK for the ocasional city break, but I’d much rather be on an overland vehicle travelling across Uganda and stopping at questionable truck stops or (in a group) travelling across Honduras by public bus.

“Organised adventure travel” is a term I’ve heard used to describe how I like to travel – off the beaten path and immersing myself in the culture but with a group leader or driver who knows what they’re doing handling things like transport arrangements and hotels / camp sites. That’s why I love travelling with Dragoman, Intrepid, Regent etc.

I have a long list of places I’d love to visit – Antarctica, West Africa, The Galapagos, more of South America, the mainland of Myanmar and much more. I hope over time to be able to visit as many of these unique and worthwhile destinations as I can while they still have their charm.

Me in North Korea

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